As a leader  
2011 Nunya, forthcoming
2009 Alain Apaloo’s Api Pipo: Floodgate, Stunt Records
2007 Flying Vision, Gateway Music
As collaborator and sideman
2010 Ayi Solomon: Life Force, Gateway Music
2010 Monkey/Rat: Fuck The Jantelaw, Tutl Rec.
2009 Sylverster Agbedoglo: Mepote,
2008 Bleue City, Cope Records
2007 Ear Witness: The Riddle, Cope Record
2007 Alouise: Go On And Judge!, Macle Records
2006 Roland Schiltknecht: SHA, Mensch Music
2006 Mariane Bitran: All One, Stunt Records
2005 Kenn Lending Blues Band: Still Paying Dues, Olufsen Records
2003 Roland Schiltknecht: Tunsch, Mensh Music
2001 Mariane Bitran: A Place For You, Stunt RecordsMariane Bitran: A Place For You, Stunt Records
1998 Schilkpatt Projekt (bass player))
1998 Kojo Antwi: Afrafra, Freedom Family Music
2008 Out Of The Blue with Wili Jønsson, Dan Hammer and Mikkel Puggaard
2002- Mezzy Slide And The Crew
2001-4 O. D. (rock ) with Timo Vuoppola, Martin Carlsen
2000-2 Kantatah (jazz) with Vera Sissel Petersen, Helgi Halgason,
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